Pelorus Studio

Welcome to Pelorus Studio, Downtown Manhattan’s soundproof and client-friendly studio rental space ready for all your production needs.

 Collaborate, Produce, Create. Pelorus is a soundstage to make things happen. Green or White Cyc, Lighting, Makeup Room, Green Room, Conference Room, Office Space, Edit Suites, Audio Booth – it’s a full-service production studio. Whether you’re in television or photography, our production facility, located in West SoHo, has everything you need for your photoshoot, interviews, or video production. Plus, our post-production group can help you cross the finish line without breaking a sweat with award-winning video editing, graphics, and sound design. From a loading dock and freight elevator to some of the best food NYC has to offer, our Production team is here to be a part of yours. Let us take care of your hustle so you can feel more flow.


Let’s create.

We’ve got the space, you’ve got the vision. Let's make it happen.

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Houston Street (1)
Spring Street (C,E)

333 Hudson St., Suite 401
New York, NY 10013
212 208 0044